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Reincarnation.  A Biblical Doctrine …whose time has come for the Evangelical Church!
By Marilynn McDirmit, D.D.

In this unusual book, Dr. McDirmit uses more than 200 scriptures in her presentation of the much misunderstood concept of reincarnation. (All scriptures verses used are from the Authorized King James Version to prevent any rejection by readers as to the context or rendering of the verses.)

Part II of the book uses a fictional family setting to illustrate possible situations relating to the Scriptural concepts in Part I.

Part III is a Dictionary/Glossary to assist the reader in understanding the semantics of many words used in these Truth teachings.

Written in an easily readable but direct manner, with all scriptures passages in italics, this book dispels the confusion surrounding often questioned Bible topics that no one has been able or willing to answer until now.


“What an enormous amount of study material packed into just 118 pages.  Thanks!”  FL

“This Bible-based book is the perfect bridge book for anyone coming from  an Evangelical/ Orthodox/ Born-again/ Biblical background seeking to understand deeper truths.” -- MN

“Dr. McDirmit does a splendid job in becoming a bridge to span the gulf of misunderstanding.” -- PA

About the Author:

Dr. Marilynn McDirmit  is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, International Seminary, and International Church of Ageless Wisdom.  She is a musician, teacher, missionary, counselor and author.  She has a wide and varied knowledge of the Bible and other spiritual material and believes the Bible contains ALL TRUTH if interpreted with an open mind and through the true teacher, the Holy Spirit. “The answers are there, and the Holy Spirit is eager to present them to an open mind and sincere, seeking heart.”


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